What Do I See When I Look At You? The Anatomy Of A Relationship

In the time I have known you, we have had one adventure after the other.  Some planned, some forced. Due to the very nature of who we are, everything is more complicated and needs much more time to be brought to a conclusion. Bringing together two different nationalities, faiths and outlooks bring its problems. We have been placed in a situation that is not helpful to growth in a relationship and would destroy most. Yet, somehow, we have found and continue to find ways to not only cope but to thrive. That takes something special that is rare and not experienced by many. I, personally, could not imagine going through this with anyone else on this planet that we live on. Better still, we have set the foundation for a much better, brighter future through our perseverance and togetherness. The next year will be an exciting one that will eclipse everything. So what do I see when I look at you?

I see a leader who takes charge but is also willing to be vulnerable and allow others to help. I see your solution focussed approach to issues, whether practical or emotional as an inspiration.

I see a reason to keep going. When we were/are trying to find solutions, you are always in the forefront of my mind as my partner.

I see you as my equal…emotionally, professionally and on all levels.

I see your love for your family and the tenderness you show to our pets and animals in general.

I see your honesty and how I never have to wonder.

I see your connection with my children and how much importance you place on that.

I see a person who has taught me what a real relationship looks like.Honesty, trust, respect and the meeting of each other’s needs.

I see my best friend and the person I want to share the rest of my life with…..

I see the person I love with all my heart….

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