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Podcast: Recovery from Codependency: The 10 Step Framework

Recovering from codependency can be tough. All that sacrificing and giving is hard to cope with when there is no place to put it. Following my 10 Step Framework will put you on the path to recovery. Learn to become aware of where your codependency came from and then what to do about it.

New Podcast: The 4 Pillars To Make Your Relationship Work!

What is the basis of a good relationship? Listen as we discuss the all-important Four Pillars: Honesty, Trust, Respect, and Mutual Benefits. “Our Quest For Happily Ever After… And Why It Sometimes Does Not Work” is Available Now: at 9.99 USD. AMAZON UK: https://goo.gl/pbNa9q AMAZON USA: https://goo.gl/ZSf3ee AMAZON CANADA: https://goo.gl/kMWlaL AMAZON GERMANY: https://goo.gl/VubBGW AMAZON AUSTRALIA:…