Getting Started with Online Therapy…Easy as 1,2,3

Getting the help you need is easier than you think. Starting online therapy means communication with your therapist….not a secretary…..not a form… sitting in a waiting room….no trips into town…. a simple process.  Here is how it works:


Make that appointment: You may have been feeling that life is becoming more difficult. Work is getting on top of you or there are problems in the family. You may just have days where nothing seems to function or you may be worried or anxious about aspects of your life. Maybe even going through major life changes. You know you need to talk to someone but making that decision is difficult. However, it is an important first step……Can it be easier than this?

Simply contact me via email or phone and arrange a convenient time for a free, no obligation initial 60 minute session via video conference or phone.

During your first consultation, you will have the opportunity to present your issues in a comfortable, positive but realistic atmosphere. I realise how difficult it might have been for you to come this far.

Your first appointment with me is primarily an information-gathering session . I need to learn a lot about you and your history in a short amount of time in order to properly evaluate your concerns and arrive at a possible diagnosis. Since diagnosis often helps guide treatment, it’s an important part of the process. Your story is indeed your own and a very personal one at that. Despite what you may have read, a person is not simply a diagnosis. Nor do professionals look at people who come to them that way. They look at each and every person as a unique individual who is in pain and needs help. I will place a lot of emphasis on your current issues because they are usually the ones that can have an immediate effect but these usually hide deeper problems which I will also like to find out about. Many people will leave their first session alternately feeling: relieved, horrified, peaceful, even more anxious, and hopeful, or any combination of these feelings and more. However, most who continue find the process of therapy rewarding and enriching.

Where do you go from here? At the end of the initial consultation, we will discuss my diagnosis and your options. This diagnosis might be a tentative one if the issues presented are complicated or information is lacking.Once we’ve completed the free initial consultation, therapy focuses in on your goals and what brings you to counseling. The therapy hour is your space to safely explore themes, issues, and experiences that are important to you.  My approach to therapy is collaborative, in that, I do not assume that I know what is best for you or how we should get there.  I support you in moving in the direction you want to live.  The first session gives me an idea of where we need to go and this continues to evolve as we work together.

I have a range of affordable monthly plans that cover all budgets. This can be done via video, phone or if preferred, via mail.

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