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Dr. Nicholas JennerFor more information about my online therapy practice and the services I offer, visit:

I am a specialist in CBT and I am convinced by its effectiveness.The basic assumption behind Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is that one’s thoughts influence one’s emotions and behaviors, and that if negative thoughts are altered, negative emotions and behaviors can be altered as well. We are what we think, so to say. By using a series of practical and easy to use methods, CBT looks at changing the “here and now” which means that less time is spent on delving into a clients’ past. This has a direct effect on a client’ s daily life and his ability to handle dysfunctional thought patterns that tend to affect mood and happiness. These tools and techniques lend themselves easily to online therapy.

I offer the following services:

 1. Therapy via Webcam :

Just like sitting in a therapist’s office without the stress of travelling and wasting time sitting in traffic jams, etc. The package consists of one 60 minute webcam appointment per week plus feedback on client assignments between sessions. Using highly encrypted technology, your privacy is guaranteed.

2. Therapy via Phone :

Feel uncomfortable using a webcam or computer? No problem..I will call you.

Yes, I am interested! What do I do now?

Starting the process is easier than you may think. All you need to do is contact me by mail or telephone and arrange the first consultation. This is free and will allow you to present your issues. We can then decide together if online therapy or another service I offer is what you want to do or if your issues are best served by seeing a therapist face to face.


1.         Contact me HERE  for a convenient appointment giving your full email address.

2.         I will contact you to discuss the best method for the first session.

3          You are free to decide if further sessions are for you.

If you have any questions about Online Therapy, please contact me…. HERE

My FLAT FEE PROGRAM entitles you to 1 60 minute video or telephone session per week plus email contact between sessions..

First 60 minute consultation FREE without obligation. Click here to go to my website.

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