Narcissism And The Golden Child

Codependency Is Not Love With Dr. Nicholas Jenner

2016-05-22-1463891423-3110409-goldenchild-thumbThere are many articles around on the internet about all types of narcissism and the dangers of being in a relationship with someone who has these tendencies. The advice is clear : get away from the situation as quickly as possible. Anyone who is more on the codependent side of the continuum will testify that this is harder to put into practice than it sounds. However, what if the narcissist is your parent and has cloned you to be a living “perfect” version of him or her,? A child chosen to heal the parent’s own broken past. It happens more than we might imagine. For ease, I have highlighted this case with father and daughter. However, this concept is not limited to just that.

A parent who has developed a sense of narcissism through his own dysfunctional childhood often believes that by bringing a “perfect ” child into the world…

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  1 comment for “Narcissism And The Golden Child

  1. August 2, 2018 at 2:35 pm


    I was first born, parents were just 16 and 17 and dad was a violent narcissist

    I was partially resented for the disruption a newborn brings

    My father lived through me. Demanded I be a pro baseball player

    Unconditional love, emotional manipulation and criticism were his tactics

    I am the opposite of my father and damn proud of that accomplishment

    Took me a long time to heal and understand my complex PTSD


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