As A Codependent, I Was Horrible But I Am Now Using That Experience To Help Others

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Codependency Is Not Love With Dr. Nicholas Jenner

nick01When I give a free initial consultation to a new client and it concerns codependency, I often get asked a very relevant question. That is…“why do you feel you understand me as a possible codependent?” According to many referrals that I get, that level of understanding amongst therapists is quite low on a deeper level. It is incredibly important for a client that the person taking them through to possible recovery understands what they are going through. With codependency, it is essential! Working with the wrong therapist can potentially make the situation worse. It is vital to work with someone who has been through recovery themselves and understands the term “I am a codependent”. I have been there, done that and am now on the other side. My feeling is that far too much emphasis in codependent recovery is focused on romantic relationships with “narcissists”. While it may be…

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