Codependency: Happiness is YOU!!

Codependency Is Not Love With Dr. Nicholas Jenner

Let’s remind ourselves of the general characteristics of being codependent. As a “recovered” codependent, I recognise most of these. My own experience of being codependent has helped me to truly help others. I understand what it means to be codependent and the negative effects it has on Self. I have used this to develop a treatment method to help others. Be sure to catch my next podcast: Recovery from Codependency,  The 10 step Framework, out soon.

There are generally thought to be three types of codependents:

1. Caretakers: relate to others primarily through roles that put them in a position of the giver, helper, supporter, nurturer, etc. “Everyone’s needs are more important than my own.”
2. Romance/relationship addiction: must be in a “relationship” and be “special” to someone in order to be OK with oneself; may use caretaking and sexuality to gain approval/acceptance; goes from relationship to relationship. “You’re no…

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