Codependency Diary Week 8: No Contact

Codependency Is Not Love With Dr. Nicholas Jenner

Welcome to the latest episode of our codependent diary. The situations described in this diary are fictional and do not specifically depict real life cases. They will however resonate with anyone who suffers from codependent issues as they are based on my experience of treating codependency.

Today, we meet W who is approaching the end of her relationship with the help of therapy. W has been in a relationship with T for 5 years and fully admits that she gets nothing in terms of having her needs met. W has always hoped that T would end the relationship and leave but until this point, that has not happened. W wants to leave T and go “no contact”, a measure that protects codependents from abuse while they recover. W is full of trepidation about this for a myriad of reasons. Here is her story.

This man has walked all over me for…

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