Codependency Diary Week 7: Addiction

Codependency Is Not Love With Dr. Nicholas Jenner

tumblr_nyva16n6861s1vn29o1_500Today, we highlight T who cannot seem to keep away from the “bad boys”. Time after time, she has been involved with men who have ultimately left her emotionally, physically and financially ruined. Yet she still goes back for more and cannot seem to help herself. This last time has been especially hard. After trying to set boundaries, T was ceremoniously left and is now alone again. Being alone is driving her to the brink of despair and she has tried to make herself feel better by excess shopping. From one addiction to another. Here is her story.

My therapist has tried to make me see how destructive my addiction to emotionally distant men is. Logically, I know this but on a deeper level, I cannot accept it. I feel they are the only type for me and I see it as a mission to “fix” them and finally find…

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