Codependency Diary Week 5: The Dance

Codependency Is Not Love With Dr. Nicholas Jenner

tumblr_nyva16n6861s1vn29o1_500In this episode, I highlight J who found out he was codependent after starting therapy. J is a successful business man who by his own admission “can’t live alone”. He also is often attracted to emotionally distant, sometimes abusive types who take advantage of his good nature. He tries “to fix them” and is often left disappointed by the result of his efforts. J is extremely sensitive and wishes his endevours were rewarded a bit more than they are. Just recently, J has been depressed and wondering where his relationship is heading. He sees little future with his current partner who is stand-offish and distant most of the time. When challenged, his partner M, turns it around to suggest it is J’s fault that things are not working. J has taken this to heart and is suffering.

I can’t get rid of this black cloud that hangs over me and…

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