Codependent Diary Week 2

Codependency Is Not Love With Dr. Nicholas Jenner

tumblr_nyva16n6861s1vn29o1_500Welcome  to the second week of the Codependent Diary. M is a fictional character based  my client’s experiences. All events depicted here actually happened in someone’s life (or a group of people) in the last week. Permission was sought to use life events but no names have been revealed……

In this edition, I highlight M. In my opinion, M is a full-blown codependent who has a history of dysfunctional relationships and for a very good reason. Read a summary of her story below:

My last relationship has just ended after two months. This has been my life since my marriage breakup . …short, intense relationships with emotional unavailable men….self centered men who ultimately put the blame on me for being too pushy, needy and wanting too much too soon.  In therapy, I am challenged to look at my behavior….why I do what I do…and why I allow these men to treat…

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