Is Codependency Real Or Just Over-diagnosed?

Codependency Is Not Love With Dr. Nicholas Jenner

2409474974_c2affd3e4dIf you read the majority of articles on codependency, you would surely believe that anyone you might come across is either codependent or a narcissist. Psychology has always had its buzzwords. A few years ago, everybody was bipolar or borderline, and codependency might be classed by some as a new word in the same ilk. However, unlike the two terms mentioned, codependency has no diagnosable criteria that classes it as a recognized disorder or disease. Some observers doubt it even exists and therefore must be purely a symptom of a diagnosable disorder. Opinions are split.

However, I deal with many clients who show specific symptoms and behavior towards another person without any identifiable disorder being present. If we accept that the term codependency was first used in relation to alcoholism and addiction, it is not beyond belief that it can be also used to explain an “addiction” to relationships and what…

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