How Controlling Codependents Get What They Need

Codependency Is Not Love With Dr. Nicholas Jenner

puppeteer controls a businessman holding his strings, the concept of control of businessNarcissists always get a bad press and probably rightly so. (At this point, we should note that we should only use the term narcissist when someone has been officially diagnosed with NPD. Also, there are degrees of narcissism). The common belief is that they are void of compassion and empathy and are not capable of “love”, so fairly unsavory types. This is, in my experience, more or less true and if you have the misfortune to become involved with one, your life is destined to be troublesome.

To say the least, as we know, the laws of human attraction tell us that codependents are more likely to have this trouble than others. “Give and take” takes on a whole new meaning here! However, when it comes to methods used to keep a partner in line, codependents also have an array of tools to make this happen.

One such method is…

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